About Us


Welcome to Birds & Bees Honey. Our apiaries are located in Cleveland, Jefferson, Lincoln and Ouachita counties pollinating and collecting nectar from various blooms locally. Our honey is bottled right here in Rison, Arkansas, at the Birds & Bees Honey House.

Building a beekeeping and honey business has been a busy process, for sure. Making our own bee boxes from cypress wood, splitting bee colonies, raising our own queens, taking care of the apiaries, as well as collecting, bottling, and selling honey is what a beekeeper’s life is all about.

Our honey has brought us some blue ribbons from local fairs and given us a chance to meet so many new people through our local farmers market where our honey is sold.  Check out our where to buy page for more information.

Honey bottlesBirds & Bees Honey is local, raw, 100% natural, and chemical-free. If you are looking for natural health benefits, we would love for you to give us a try.

We would like to thank all of our community for its continued support.

Thanks for visiting our website,
Lori Bird